Natural Hair Stylist License

Hi, I’m Happy you made it!

I’m Denise and I am here to help you

SHINE, Slay and  SUCCEED to the TOP!

My speciality is to empower and educate, establish natural hair braiders to obtain ecomonic freedom with their hair braider license.


This course is very easy and 100% GUARANTEED!


It’s 3 (three) simple 30 minutes of videos in healthsafety and sanitation for your Hair Braiders License in Minnesota.

You will INSTANTLY receive your Certificate of Certification by text messege and email.

This course is self paced and done in your living room, on your cellphone, or on the bus.

It is ONLY $99.00.

This is not ONLY a course its a pathway with SUPPORT to economic freedom and happiness.


You get 1:1 coaching in business and technical assurances to increase your profit.

Membership to a Specialized FaceBook Group

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Membership to the FaceBook online ecoHairBraider Association, LLC. for all your NEEDS!

Get Your License today for just $99.00

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How to Use this Couse Portal

How This Works



I will guide⚠ you through the  hair braiding course for Minnesota’s Infection Control. It’s a 30-hour 💉health, 🔌safety, and♻ sanitation🚰 course, the braiding application process📝, and a series of hair braiding 📹training videos.

There is NO test📈!!

Here the steps are:

  1. Pay for the course by clicking the Enroll Now Buttton thru PayPal.

  2. The Certificate of Completion for the Hair Braider Registration and passwords to the course will be emailed📩 to you.

  3. Print certificate and the application.

  4. Apply for registration at  the Minnesota Board of  Cosmetology  Examiners        as a Hair Braider and receive your registration in business 15-days 📆(about a 30-days ). Use the training videos to learn the health, safety and sanitation procedures from my Braider’s Business Planning Blueprint

    📚Work Book.

  5. Plus an EASY series of nine (9) 30-minute hair braiding training 🎥videos and ONLY a three (3) question 📊survey.

    so……Open your salon TODAY!!

Here is what I will email you!    

All you will have to do is print and mail both the Completion Certificate and Hair Braiding Application papers to the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners with the $20.00 application fee.


LOOK for the License in the mail in 15 business days

Still Thinking????


Q. Who is this program for?

A. Hair braiders who want to make more money💵💵 and get their 💲income tax credits back from the state.

Q. Where is the course at?

A.This course is online and through your 📱Smartphone and on an app webinar.

Q. Can I make money as hair braider?

A. The beauty industry is a 💲💲1 billion dollar industry.

Owning a hair braiding salon, braiding barber shop, a hair school, product, hair weaving services and social media cousulting just to name a few.

Q. What is the training for?

A.  Safety ♻and Sanitation 🚰for the public and any one from 8 years old to 110 years young can take this course, pass and start making money💵.

Q. What can I do with the training?

A. Become an author of a best selling book📑, start creating natural hair products, open a school🏢 and employing others in the community.

Q. Will I spend a lot on ads, marketing, tools or braiding systems?

A. No. I will show you a successful marketing campaign, the tools to use and the expert braiding systems that I know work.

Q. I have questions what is the BEST way can I contact you?

A. Call me! I’ll be EXCITED to hear from you (612)407-2824.

Q. You  have been looking at other online braiding courses programs, how are you different?

A. I offer registrations in hair braiding, boutique service salon registrations, and curillcuim drafting to register with the board of cosmetology.

Q. I’m not good at hair braiding can you refer me to trainings?

A.Yes. I know many hair braiding experts. I would just need ⏰30 minute coaching session to put you on the right path.

Q. I’m excited to join. 👥How do I pay?

A. Click the Certificate or 💳Enroll Now button of your course/program choice.



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