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Tax Time

It that time of year again; “Tax Return” Season. I wanted to send my annual reminder as we covered in our training to be careful, plan and don’t over spend. You have been waiting for over a year for this money so “TRY TO DO BETTER AND SAVE MORE AND NOT WASTE ANY AS IN OTHER YEARS” 🙂 I Would ask that you would: First; not get offended by me sending you this email???? I Love You All!

1) Do Not use rapid refund services for high fees; if you file electronically you should have it back in 10 days or so.
2) Wait a few days after you get the return before you began to spend.
3) Start making a list of things that would be healthy spending, saving, debt reduction & purchasing options now.
4) Don’t take a bunch of people to dinner for a big tab.
5) Be healthy in your giving. Many Pastors may agree that if you tithed all year your tax returns are not subject to tithes.
6) No Big “Stupid” Purchases.
7) Buy Yourself something nice.
8) Try to Save 20% or more of the return if possible.
9) Don’t tell everyone you have this big return; They may want some. (LOL)
10) Wait till next year if it does not fit in your budget this year.

You can get your taxes done free from Accountability MN or for a reduced fee from reputable tax preparers. Build Wealth, MN’s Budget Coach Rene Isuk is a reputable preparer you may want to consider his fee for families in the Family Stabilization Plan program which is discounted. His email is copied above.
Thank you and be sure to “stay engaged” if you are and “get engaged” this year if your not. The model for this year for all of Family Stabilization Plan program families is: “ITS MY TURN TO RECIEVE A FINANCIAL REWARD” (Try not to let anyone steal or take your reward through overdraft fees, pay day loan fees, over the limit fees, late fees, no extra money to no one, person, place or thing)
Be Blessed.