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This is a braiding license online course

How to get your Hair Braider License?

How to get your Natural Hair License?

I offer the hairbraiding course Minnesota 30 hour health, safety, and sanitation and the braid license application process in these hair braiding training videos.

 There is No braiding test!!

What can you do with your braid license?

1. Open a Salon.

2. Booth-rental

3. On-the-Go mobile salon.

Be the #BOSS Braider® you are by Making More Money using your SmartPhone to Build the Braiding Business of your Dreams!

Embrace Braiding Freedom, Live a Great Lifestyle with Booming clientele, and Make More Money Doing What They Imagine!


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“The Certificates on this website are REAL people who have completed this program.”

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As a

#BigWig Braider® or #HeadHoncho Braider®

you will get a 30-minute coaching session it is for you if…

Want to know more about natural hair braiding classes.

Want to own a natural hair school online.

Are looking for  hairbraiding MN 30 hour registration certificate of completion?

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You want to gain maximum clarity about exactly what you want and how to create it?
You are ready to think and play BIG?

In this 30-hour Hair Braider Registration course I will  cover Health, Safety, and Sanitation plus so much more information on our industry and how it impacts your wealth. As the person in charge you control how, where & when for 30 days to complete this course and mail in the application and certificate.
You want to work strategically with me to solve complicated problems quickly.
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Price: $199.99

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Here the steps are:

  1. Pay for the course on PayPal.

  2. Certificate of Completion for the Hair Braider Registration and passwords to the course will be emailed to you.

  3. Print certificate and apply for registration at  the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology Examiners as a Hair Braider and receive your registration in business 15 days (about a 30 days ).Screenshot_2017-03-15-18-22-30 Learn the health, safety and sanitation procedures from BOSS Braider® Blueprint Work Book plus an EASY series of nine (9) 30 minute videos and ONLY a three (3) question survey.

    Open your salon TODAY!!

Here is what I will email you!    

All you will have to do is print and mail both the Completion Certificate and Hair Braiders Application papers to the Minnesota Cosmetologist Examiners with $20.00.