Pennsylvania Hair Braiding Requirements Under Governors Review

Pennsylvania Hair Braiding Requirements Hi, Calling all #SuperNaturals! Today I would like to address the article published on KYW News Radio 1060 by Justin Udo. The full article ask for the #NaturalHair communities input and to contact Pennsylvania Senator Anthony Williams by email with their thoughts on Natural Hair Braiding Registration License. Or Tweet yourContinue reading “Pennsylvania Hair Braiding Requirements Under Governors Review”

States With No Hair Braider License

Hi #SuperNaturals, As of 2018, these are the states where no licensing is required to open a Hair Braiding Salon according to the Institute for Justice. Here is the latest report from Institute for Justice called Barriers to Braiding on page 8: Click to access Barriers_To_Braiding-2.pdf Thanks again, Denise

Natural Hair Braider License Course

Join a community of licensed #SuperNatural hair braiders. I’m Denise Jarrett the founder of the  ecoHair Braiders Association and Natural Hair SmartPhone School® where natural hair stylist can obtain their certification in health, safety, and sanitation in Infection Control. I am here to support you on your journey to gaining the confidence that comes withContinue reading “Natural Hair Braider License Course”