What the media won’t say about the Natural Hair Braiding Law, Occupational Licensing & Black Women’s Health, Safety & Sanitation

Natural Hair Braiding, HIV and HPV in the Black community

Hi #naturalhair community.

Today I’m asking for the natural hair care community of #Black Women, to elaborate more on the NEEDLE usage in the Hair Braiding salon.

The #Underground natural hair care industry is underfunded, uneducated and, currently unregulated.

The #Health concerns of HIV and HPV in the public outway the lack of knowledge on how to maneuver the government’s responsibility to protect the people.

Ongoing #Safety hazards in natural hair braiding salons are posted every day on social media sites such as; Facebook, Youtube, and Google with many comments and issues that all happen in Hair Braiding salons.

#Sanitation plays a key factor in many of the natural hair braiding salons and the opportunity to advance the hair braiding 30-hour course into 300 hours to increase #STEM learning.

The hair braiding license is another #Occupational Licensing but it’s one in the favor of #BlackWomen. Below are the organizations and the links to the websites discussed in this post.

The Instutute for Justice

The Minnesota Board of Cosmetology

The Court Order

The OSHA Blood-Borne Pathogens

The New York Natural Hair Care

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