The Worst Case of Traction Alopecia and Ignorance I Have Ever Seen!

Edge Control did NOT do this horrific damage to her hair. People, please stop using too much GLUE on your #NaturalHair.It’s being pulled right out of your DAMN heads!

Since The Institute for Justice has been so vocal about no enforcement of Natural Hair Braiding salon and the tragic appearances on the client s heads after they remove the nest.

The Natural Hair Stylist are required to complete a 30 Hour Hair Braider Registration in the state of Minnesota.

The hair braiding classes required the Hair Braiding course Provider to train the hair braiding student on the proper tension to apply to each strand of hair.

The global epidemic is a self-inflicted shame on Black and #ADOS. We know that the children can’t even read from the edges being snatched to tight!

The racial afflictions from slavery and white supremacy cause us to do more harm than good just to go out in public and socialize.

This young lady doesn’t have a clue and she doesn’t have a chance to the online bullying and embarrassment.

Again, please STOP gluing your edges right your head and SEEK a Professional Natural Hair Stylist.

Iowa’s Future of the Natural Hair Braiding Registration

Hey #SuperNaturals,

The New York Times has reported that Cosmetology Schools in Iowa cost $21,000 and it’s the primary income for the schools. The article when on to claim that the students are worked as if their at a full-time job. The New York Times stated: “The second stream is the salon work the students do while in school. They spend some time in classrooms learning about, for example, chemicals and how to sanitize the workspace, but once they’ve hit a certain number of hours, they start working on real clients in salons run by the schools. In full-time programs, going to school becomes a full-time job, where students clock in and out for seven- or eight-hour shifts.”

Iowa seems to think that cosmetology and barbering deregulation is NOT far enough.

The Des Moines Register latest article on beauty school say it is a waste of time and money. And should be abolished!

“Lawmakers can abolish cosmetology licensing, and the industry can offer certification and training.”

I don’t agree with the total abolishment but I do believe that cosmetology school is an economic hardship. But the Natural Hair Care license offers natural hair a new #occupationallicensing. With the hair braiding classes offered online the hair braiding 30-hour course is the least expensive and offers a hair braiding license. Several states are offering a Braid license with the push for deregulation by Institute for Justice.

This blog is designed to be informative for anyone asking “how to get my braiding license”? The natural hair classes are for natural hairstylist and are 30-hour Hair Braider Registration in Minnesota.

Cosmetology is also an environmental danger to humans.

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