Natural Hair Braiding License 💉Needle-Stick Act OSHA Rules🦠

💉💉Sharps Injury Log🦠

In addition to, the 1904 Recordkeeping Requirements, all percuta- neous injuries from contaminated sharps are also recorded in a Sharps Injury Log.

All incidences must include at least:
date of the injury, the type, and brand of the device involved (syringe, suture needle) department or work area where the incident occurred an explanation of how the incident occurred.

This log is reviewed as part of the annual program evaluation and maintained for at least five years following the end of the calendar year covered.

If a copy is requested by anyone, it must have any personal identifiers removed from the report.

As you can see, the OSHA Sharps Log does not as for the employees/independent contractors or clients name or information, so this is where the necessary modifications can be places.

Thanks for your attention.

Sharps Infection Control Booklet

💯Make Money as a Natural Hair Stylist💇🏾‍♀️

Natural Hair Braiding License


This is a natural hair care course.

It’s for #BlackWomen who are currently or new to the Natural hair braiding industry and would like to gain the confidence of braiding in compliance with hair braiding classes and a hair braiding 30 hour course to obtain a hair braiding license.

Instead of attend 9 to 10 months in school for a cosmetology license.

Thanks to deregulation of #OccupationalLicensing the braid License has been created for an easier barrier to entry into to beauty industry.

Are you wondering “how to get my braiding license?”

Well eco Hair Braider® Association,LLC. offers

natural hair classes.

The 30 hour hair braider Registration of Minnesota, is the case in which Institute for Justice, builds it’s Freedom Braiders and Natural Hair Braiding Act upon.

If your looking for licensing contact Denise at

The application is at:

Board of Cosmetologist:

Yes, you can receive your Natural Hair Braiding Registration in 7 days after you mail the Hair Braider Registration Application to the Board of Cosmetology.

1. An eco Hair Braider® Association,LLC. (digital download) Completion Certificate

2. An eco Hair Braider® Association,LLC. e-Booklet Video Training

3. An eco Hair Braider® Association,LLC. Window decal of Certification

4. An eco Hair Braider® Association,LLC. Sticker of Certification

5. An eco Hair Braider® Association,LLC. Magnet of Certification

6. One eco Hair Braider® Association,LLC. Rubber Thimblette


Natural Hair Braiding, Needles and 2006 Liberian Women

Blood Borne Pathogens

An allergic reaction is the type of emergency situation that I have encountered in an cosmetology salon. 
The client consolation of a patch test revealed that the coloring agent in the products the salon recommended caused hives to erupt on the skin. 
Yes, I was adequately prepared which the knowledge of patch testing from introductory courses in cosmetology school; however the salon owner was not. 
She thanked me over and over again for using my inner thoughts of patch testing before any chemical service. 
As a matter of fact, that is when I began my quest to know how to be proactive in prevention of accidents and injuries. 

Presently, the emergency situation that scares me the most is the use of needles and blood pathogens.
Currently, many estheticians are using needles to puncture papules, therefore emitting blood-borne pathogens into the atmosphere. 
The use of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) also known as Microneedling is a fractional treatment that uses up to 25 small micro-needles to create a series of precise, controlled epidermal and dermal micro-injuries, thereby stimulating the body’s immune response and producing new collagen and elastin. 

However, the Board of Cosmetologist Examiners is not clear on the regulation of needles. 
The BCE only specifically mentions needles in the definitions which is also, in the context of conflicts of interest in which the BCE are exempt from regulation of Hair Braiders. 
For example; the 2105.0010 DEFINITIONS Subp. 11a. Simple braiding devices. 
"Simple braiding devices" include clips, combs, curlers, curling irons, hairpins, rollers, scissors, needles, and thread. 
Then, Subp. 13. Unregulated service. "Unregulated service" means those services not defined as the practice of cosmetology under Minnesota Statutes, section 155A.23, as defined in subparts 10a to 10c.
 Ordinances by local units of government that prohibit hair braiding, hair braiding services, or hair braiders, as defined in subparts 10a to 10c, or regulate any matter relating to licensing, testing, or training of hair braiding, hair braiding services, or hair braiders are preempted by this part.
  In spite of this, misleading indication of the regulation of needles usage in a physician office, Salon/Spa, Medi/Spa, Cosmetology Salon, etc.; none of the occupational licensing can the BCE authorize and regulate  in needle usage besides, the conflicted Hair Braider in which the BCE is prohibited from regulating.
 Above all, to prepare for these liabilities as a proactive esthetician in Minnesota under the current laws surrounding needles. 
It would be imperative that esthetics in medical health care utilize more aggressive training and knowledge in OSHA.
To be specific, Minnesota has the largest migration of Liberian descent workers in health care and public service population in the United States. 
The Centers for Disease Control and the Minnesota Health Department has hosted several conferences around threat and spread of Ebola which is a "Communicable disease"  and is transferred through the sweat glands. 
Therefore, with the incubation time of Ebola being up to two(2) weeks the implementation of the OSHA "Model Plans and Programs for the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens and Hazard Communications Standards"  should be modified to a Medi/Spa Salon environment this would advance the esthetician in the knowledge of the expectancies of the physician, salon owners, and managers in the compliance of the industry standards. 
This booklet informs the employee/independent contractor of all compliance regulations and forms. 
For instance: 
An exposure incident is evaluated to determine if the case meets OSHA’s Recordkeeping Requirements (29 CFR 1904). 
This determi- nation and the recording activities are done by (Name of responsible person or department) {salon manager}.
HF3664 House Video

🗣Natural Hair Care and Braiding 💉Needle-Stick Act Awareness‼️

Hi #SuperNatural’s
I’m writing the governor on behalf of the ecoHair Braider Association, LLC.
Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration Licensees as a registered Minnesota non-profit that brings awareness to the “needle” usage in the natural hair braiding salon by certifying and educating black women to become registered as a Minnesota 155A.28 Hair Braider.
The Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration Licensees would like the public to participate in supporting registered hair braiders to reduce the possible number of black women who are listed as not knowing how they contracted HIV (unknown) by the Minnesota Health Department and the AidsVu reports.
The Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration Licensees are asking that due to the requirements of ‘Sharps’ being properly disposed and preventing of cross-picking in the OSHA Needle Stick Prevention Act we are as the governor to grant a Natural Hair Braider Sew-In Weave Awareness Committee.

Thanks in advance!

Natural Hair Braiding, Minnesota and Dred Scott’sq

30-day Natural Hair History Challenge
Intro: Everyday for the next 30 days I will bring you natural hair historical tips one part facts and the other part my opinion.

Starting today with Black wealth and Dred Scott every Sunday a different subject with the same topic.
First, do you know who Dred Scott is?

Okay, I will wait. Better yet I will count to 30. That will give you about 15 seconds because nobody wants to wait that long.
A. Dred was an African American Black man enslaved in American in 1857 the won his, his wife, and their two daughters freedom from his oppressing slave master by the name of Sanford.
This was the beginning of the his-story of our hair problems and Wealth in my opinion.
Because Dred successfully won his freedom and now his slavery value as a black man with a family in 1857 was nearly $10,000 more than some whites this was a problem.
Take the time to think about that time in history when a slave was WORTH gold.
Now fast forward to today when there is a war on your hair and the wealth you acquire when you adorn your head with prestige locks of glory.

The definition of dread in the Cambridge online dictionary.

Dred Scott -vs-dread
noun [ U ] US /dred/
extreme fear or anxiety about something that is going to happen or might happen:
a dread of drowning
verb [ T ] US /dred/
We dreaded hearing the results of the blood tests.

Which brings me to the question of why was dreadlocks changed to lacking is a religion is a Rastafarian three locking religion it is the same as a Jewish mulsit the adorns a Jewish man head. Also, Dread Scott is the first slavery legend in economic freedom as well as a connotative statement such as Dred Monday at something one should hate to do. The decision to hire and fire with discriminatory practices against religion violates the American disabilities act and I believe that the natural hair braiding act shoot reflects that locking is a religion in, therefore; private institutions, public institutions, and even the supreme court should repeal their decision of dreading.