Welcome to #ecoHair

Hey, how are you doing?

Supernaturals, thank you for stopping by BraidersCourse.com, I want to congratulate you on wanting to join and register with us and keeping your business alive throughout this havig time legislation and deregulation.

Well, I wanted to come to you and tell you what you did as a hairstylist. We you an association. You will get your full.

How to open your mine today without a license, you will also get your certification to hang on the wall as well as you will get a wounded knee as well as you will get your PPE personal protective equipment to keep you from being stuck with the needle and sticking your plan.

Again, my name is Denise Jarrett.

You have landed every discourse that come where we self regulate.

We don’t need the board of cosmetology as well. If we protect ourselves and our clients, not just the client, we think about your health.

Again, you will get your personal life from me.

Denise Jarrett will open your salon today without a license. You get your personal protective equipment. You want to be careful and get verification by.

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