Hair Braiding Definition

What is Hair Braiding?

What is hair braiding?
Hair braiding is a natural form of hair manipulation that results in tension on hair strands by beading, braiding,
cornrowing, extending, lacing, locking, sewing, twisting, weaving, or wrapping hair into different shapes, patterns, and
textures predominantly by hand and by only using simple braiding devices on human hair, synthetic hair, or hair

Hair braiders can use gels, moisturizers, oils, pomades, shampoos, clips, combs, curlers, curling irons, hairpins,
rollers, scissors, needles, and thread.

Hi 🙋🏾‍♀️ #SuperNatural,

It’s me Denise.

Thanks 🙏 for stopping by® Today I will be discussing the state of the definition for hair braiding.

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