Why do we have this regulation?

Sen. Ricahrdson of the ‘Show me State’ has it right and President Trump has done a GREAT job of stopping the argument that is going Nationwide about deregulation. I am honored to be from the state of Missouri.

Another example given by Richardson was the restrictions placed on hair stylists looking to braid hair or open a salon offering hair braiding. 

“It takes 1,500 hours of training you have to go through if you want to earn a little extra money braiding hair or if you want to start a business braiding hair,” he said. “Why do we have that requirement? Because the state department of professional registrations said that’s what you’ve got to do if you want to braid hair.

“That’s the kind of over-the-top, ridiculous regulations that we’re trying to stop. Common sense regulations are fine and needed in a lot of areas. But you shouldn’t have a situation where it takes nearly four times what it takes to be an EMT or twice what it takes to be a police officer if you just want to braid hair in the state of Missouri.”