FACEBOOK Ads for Hair, Skin, and Nails Beauty Salons Course

How to use this portal?

I will be offering a new course on Facebook Ads and Messenger Marketing for hair braiding salons.

It will include:

📱Creation of Fan Page

📱Copy (words for your post offer).

📱Landing Page and Thank you (to start a list)

📱Target Messenger Bot and Facebook Ads marketing

📱Yes ALL completely on your cellphone.

Natural Hair Barber Course

{Attention} Barbers are you tried of the constant mandate on the renewal of your registration? Did your registration lapse because you could not find a Master Barber to renew your registration? Do you own a shop and want to be LEGIT?

The Braiderscourse.com is a online course you can register and get you Minnesota Hair Braiders registration to do chemical-free hair cuts and Dreds.

I know you got questions?

FAQ…..for Denise about Hair Braider Licensing

Q. Who is this program for?

A. Hair braiders who want to make more money💵💵 and get their 💲income tax credits back from the state.

Q. Where is the course at?

A.This course is online and through your 📱Smartphone and on an app webinar.

Q. Can I make money as hair braider?

A. The beauty industry is a 💲💲1 billion dollar industry.

Owning a hair braiding salon, braiding barber shop, a hair school, product, hair weaving services and social media cousulting just to name a few.

Q. What is the training for?

A.  Safety ♻and Sanitation 🚰for the public and any one from 8 years old to 110 years young can take this course, pass and start making money💵.

Q. What can I do with the training?

A. Become an author of a best selling book📑, start creating natural hair products, open a school🏢 and employing others in the community.

Q. Will I spend a lot on ads, marketing, tools or braiding systems?

A. No. I will show you a successful marketing campaign, the tools to use and the expert braiding systems that I know work.

Q. I have questions what is the BEST way can I contact you?

A. Call me! I’ll be EXCITED to hear from you (612)407-2824.

Q. You  have been looking at other online braiding courses programs, how are you different?

A. I offer registrations in hair braiding, boutique service salon registrations, and curillcuim drafting to register with the board of cosmetology.

Q. I’m not good at hair braiding can you refer me to trainings?

A.Yes. I know many hair braiding experts. I would just need ⏰30 minute coaching session to put you on the right path.

Q. I’m excited to join. 👥How do I pay?

A. Click the Certificate or 💳Enroll Now button of your course/program choice.



3 reasons to get a natural hair license

Hi it’s me,
I’m here to give you three reasons why you should get your hair braider registration or natural hair license. Even if your state does not offer a natural hair or hair braider registration for your occupation. You should get a registration which is a permit to do natural hair in your state through a state that does allow natural her licensing.sergey-zolkin-9907

Reason 1. To receive your federal earned income tax return credit and it is the largest wealth builder for African American.
Reason 2. If you are driving in one state with a license from another state you would just receive a ticket however if you are driving with no driver’s license from any state you will be fine and maybe send it to jail. The same goes for her braiding if you have a license from a state you may receive a ticket but if you do not have a license from any state you can be fine. amos-bar-zeev-131535
Reason 3. To retain clients and build your confidence as a hairstylist learning the proper procedures and basic techniques for infection control as a stylist or in your best interest.

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