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#Ohio Deceptive #NaturalHair #braiding Boutique

Ohio deceptive practices against natural hair, hairbraiding, and braiders.

New Jersey Hair Braiders Bill A3754 is Conditionally Vetoed

New Jersey

How-to Become a Natural Hair Stylist

Wondering where can I get a natural hair braid license? Since the Bill that would eliminate the requirement for natural hair stylists to get license dies in Tennessee. This natural hair certification online training offers the 30-hour hair braiding license online for Minnesota, Iowa, and pending other states. With this license, you can

How to Get our Hair Braiders License in Louisiana?

Strikingly, Louisiana hair braiding and natural hair License is called “alternative hair design” instead of any one of the names above. Louisiana’s Gov. John Bel Edwards included statements about occupational licensing reform. He’s listening and watching the video being recorded in real time and he even suggests one of the hair

How to get a Hair Braider License in Alaska?

Getting your natural hair braiding license is Alaska will be a task. It has been 98 days pass the 90 day-session and still no vote 🗳 on the current Bill. Since the state considers Hair #Braiders as Hair Dressers. I suggest you attend a 35 Hour manicurist course in natural

‘You’re Naturally Fired’

With the deregulation of cosmetology to make room for natural hair care this new movie will highlight the need of structured and equitable education opportunities for Black Americans. The government currently allows private businesses to fire and hire whom ever the business wants. Therefore, there is no occupation WITHOUT regulation.

Live with Allyson // I’m on $500K

Colin, Nike, Police, BLM and The Afro

This latest hijacking and slap in the face from #Colin by selling out the narrative to #Nike. It is an imposition to every thing #BLM stands for. Not one time did he say any of the names in his #AFRO! As a Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration Licensee it is the

Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration License Online Course on Wigs

Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration License

Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration License

Are you looking for Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration License?MN Hair Braiding Registration License You have came to the correct site for Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration License. Here are the easy steps to get Your Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration License INSTANTLY! 1. Make a payment of $100 for your Minnesota Hair

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