Do I need a license to open a barber shop?

How to start a Barber shop and what do I need ?

Is the MOST asked question by men in the industry who want Braid Freedom by liberating themselves and becoming chemical-free Barbers.

Do you need a license to open a Barber Shop?

This is ALWAYS the next question.  And the answer is NO!

“I want to Open my own Hair Braiding salon” I can HELP you do just that!

Is owning a Barber shop profitable? Of course, that why you see them on every corner, mall and even truck of a car!

Most Hair braiding stylist are looking to own their business and some want to expand to a beauty supply. Marketing and Branding are the two most IMPORTANT parts to your business.

Do you know where I can get”hair braiding business cards”?

Yes. I sure do!

Can you HELP with business plan or Barbers and Braiders?

Yes, I have sample templates that you can design to your needs.

How to start a barber shop rom your home ?

Yes this is covered in this course also.

This EXCELLENT course is your direct guide to building Black Wealth I the Hair Braiding industry.

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The Steps!

I know that each and everyone I work with arrives with their own unique story and background. I’ll meet you where you are take the time to get to know you so we can create a tailor-made experience just for you.

Together we’ll cover:

Training videos, so you can follow along with a step-by-step guide. We’ll cover the soft skills, like your confidence and presence, then let you lose so you can conquer the tech skills. Using my Hair Braider Business templete we will create an AWESOME course!!

You will have unlimited access to all the course content and any future updates in our exclusive membership site for $1500.00 !!!

Here the steps are:

1. Pay for the course on PayPal.

2. Certificate of Completion of Hair Braider Registration Certificate and the course business templete and passwords to the course will be emailed to you.

3. Print certificate. I will apply for registration at the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology Examiners as a Hair Braider Registration Course and you will receive the registration in 15 business days (about a 30 days).

4. Learn the techniques of learning styles and health, safety and sanitation procedures from BOSS Braider®  Buiness templete.

5. Open your Hair Braider Salon or Barber Shop TODAY!!