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Good day Star! I am Your ONE and ONLY personal online booth-rental bootstrapping Program for Hairstylist, Hair Braiders, Barbers, Beautician and Beauty School students Who Desire to Embrace Braiding Freedom, Live an Abundant Social Lifestyle with Booming clientele, and Make More Money Doing What They Imagine!

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Use your SmartPhone to Build the Natural Hair Braiding Business of your Dreams and monetize your Gifts and Passions?

{yes please!}

Develop the Mindset for Success and Work with Clients that Light you up? 

{I’m in!}

If your state DOES NOT offer LICENSING images

or registration for hair braiders, but you want to be proactive and become certified and apply for reciprocity then you have created your naturally liberating, chemical-free no stress, braiding freedom-lifestyle and follow your calling to make a dramatic impact on the beauty world?

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To get there, you need to:

ditch the beauty school drop-out starving artist mentality and quit undercharging for fabulously styled installs!images

Get crystal clear on hairstyles that you offer and make sizzling hot packages with smoking a Price menu.

Most Beautician, Barbers and Braiders #1 compliant about beauty school is “The school Did Not teach me how to run a business” so that’s why I am here to assist you in MAKING your Endeavours come true!!

I know you’re trying really hard…..I get it. You’re at the salon around the clock spinning your wheels. You’ve tried your hands at marketing, but you’re to booking consistent clients and time is money! And you’re tired of plunking down cash for courses or programs with big promises that leave you in the dark when it comes to banding, visibility, and technology, to name a few.


I know you don’t want to go HERE but if one of your clients were to experience hair loss as documented in this news article.

What would YOU do?
How would your business SURVIVE?
Who would you CONTACT?

Even if…..

*You’re a brand-new-natural hair braider, or an African Hair Braiding seasoned veteran shop owner who’s ben around for a while but DID NOT know there’s The National Institute of Cosmetology offering you a Doctorate Degree if your a Hair Braider? Yup, National Beauty Culturist, Inc.

*You’re secretly wondering if you must have a business plan to make it from a stylist booth renting to a salon owner.download

*Or, you still haven’t mastered all the marketing skills to become visible, I understand your fears and you’re in the right place!


Who the HELL am I?

I’m Denise Jarrett, an Online Business and Marketing Coach with a Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and a Cosmetology Instructor’s License and accredited as a Hair Braider Provider in the state of Minnesota who built an 5-figure online natural hair braiding business and enjoyed tremendous success and an online beauty coach. After, attending CIDESCO and many other cosmetology continuing education courses I decided to give up chemicals and cosmetics altogether! So as a Minnesotan I was motivated by the legal movement surrounding the politics of natural hair. In this revolution a NEED was revealed to teach Minnesota’s 30 hour Hair Braider Registration, and as a bonus business planning, social media marketing, plus booth-rental leasing to passionate Students, Stylist and Salon Owners who are ready to advance to the next level of their imagination. I created my signature program,images (1)D’Natural Beauty Boss Blueprint, and I also have a mastermind group, Braiders Life or people who are ready to show you how to stand out, and make big money doing what they love.

My signature program, from Basement to Booth-Rental: A One on One Program for Hairstylist Who Desire to Embrace Braiding Freedom, Live an Abundant Social Lifestyle, and Make More Money Doing What They Imagine.

100% Guaranteed Screenshot_2017-04-11-22-26-39


It’s a coaching package in a league of its own. I teach the  natural hair braiding beauty business basics from getting your registration to rewriting your money story to business planning that WORKS! And, I also help you get  paying clients through the door immediately by social media marketing tactics. Having the right mindset is the foundation to any profitable beauty business. Clients have told me that before we worked together they were stuck thinking success wasn’t even an option.texas-braiding-instruction-victory-lg

This program is for you if you don’t envision anyone paying more than a few bucks for a meal plan, are working ’round the clock or mere peanuts, and your dream of being a successful entrepreneur has moved into something that feels more like complete SLAVERY!

Be The BEST BOSS!!!!!!


I boost your self-confidence and self -esteem because success requires a mind-shift.

We’ll work together to re-write your only story, equip you to receive abundance, and empower you for long-lasts beauty business success.


I’ll show you everything I know and I’m 100% transparent. You’ll have access to my to secrets, best the lets, and amazing strategies that convert browsers into clients every time. I truly believe that if I can do it you can do I too!!


During the program, I’m your biggest supporter and  confidante. I’ll be there during discovery calls, I’ll be your hands-on with your application process, and I’ll help you brainstorm and craft your talents.


Think of me as more than a coach. While you’re implementing this course I’ll act as your business partner. I keep you at the top of my mind and truly take a vested INTEREST in our SUCCESS!!!

This program gives natural hairstylist the confidence they need to be visible to the crowded natural hair styling niche.

Together we can:

Bust the voices in your head saying you’ll never make any one or have the kind of reach you DREAM of

Get you to maintain a consistent stream of paying clients and keep  them around long enough  of give them lasting results

Get over your fear that you are the unlicensed stylist and only licensed business can use marketing to make money, there is plenty of room for ALL of Us- cosmetologist, weaveologist, loc-technicians and hair braiders.

Bridge the gap between you and technology so you don’t have to be afraid to waste your money on ads or lose your marbles waiting on clients.

Basement to Booth-Rental isn’t just your typical 30 hour Hair Braiding program. I show you that you can book paying clients and move from striving to hiring in your passion-based beauty business TODAY!

You don’t have to wait another minute!


Confidence in your ability to create a Thriving Beauty Braiding Business plus an abundant lifestyle doing what you love.

The strength to step outside your Comfort Zone and become the shining star you’re meant to be.

The Personal Satisfaction that comes from having an impact on the world while enjoying a limitless to be.

The Braiding freedom to break free from corporate rat race so you can stop feeling unsay, frustrated, and stressed.

The Money Mindset and Courage it takes to be successful as a natural hair braiding beauty entrepreneur and hairstylist.

A beautiful Brand that is unique, differentiates you, and clearly convey your message.

Complete Clarity on your ideal client you’ll be able to wordlessly attract people worth work with.

Programs and Packages that are irresistible to your ideal client so you can charge more and make selling a on-issue.

Sales Mastery is a strategy for having sales increase in salons that don’t come off as sales or sleazy so you can get paying  clients immediately.

Complete clarity on how to set up your Braiding Beauty Business and Marketing plan so you’ll work LESS while making MORE.

The Steps!

I know that each woman I work with arrives with her own unique story and background.  I’ll meet you where you are take the time to get to know you so we can create a tailor-made  experience just for you.

Together we’ll cover:

Course One- 30 hour Hair Braiders Registration $99

Course Two-Business Plan$29

Course Three-Social Media Marketing Plan $59

Course Four-Booth Rental Leasing $39

The Total Program: $296.00

$296.00 Become D’Natural Boss Today!


Training videos, so you can follow along with a step-by-step guide. We’ll cover the soft skills, like your confidence and presence, then let you lose so you can conquer the tech skills.

Unlimited access to all the course content and any future updates in our exclusive membership site.

The Brilliance Blast: Freaking awesome PDF’s, videos-so no matter how you learn I’ve got you covered every step of the way!

 Facebook (Group) Braiders Life- Access to an intimate and exclusive FB Group where I’ll be interacting with you throughout the course! You’ll ind support, celebration, and feedback from other ladies as well.


Did someone say bonuses?…..Yup, they’re included with our investment!

I go above and beyond on my clients so during our week together you’ll get individualized chart to grow your dreams.

Also include:

*Facebook Strategy-will get your facebook ads, going and get you booking clients immediately.(Value$99)

*Bootstrapped Deep Sessions I’ll give you as much time as you need so we can access where you are and make a game plan for the future of your beauty business.(Value $50)

*Exclusive Email access Email me anytime during the workweek to check in, bounce ideas off of me, or to get me to review your progress(Value$800)

I’m an Expert Cosmetology/ Natural Hair Instructor Braiding Beauty Boss!

Did you know that your booth rental chair is a marketing tool that should do the heavy lifting for you? You shouldn’t have to fight to get clients to opt-in stay a while in your chair. Denise D’Natural of BraiderCourse.com will provide you with a bonus coaching session where I will review your existing business plans, make suggestions for tweaks, and explain how you can improve your crazy bounce rate and keep walk-ins in your chair long enough to become regular clients!(Value$400)

D’Natural Beauty Boss Blueprint Workbook-$39

Got clientele envy? Ever browse over to someone else’s station and feel immediate shame thinking about the looks of your booth? The truth is, finding just the right booth to rent or your clientele is easier said than done! I know you wish you had access to an expert who could lend a hand, teach you to book clients with your own leads, and show you how to infuse persuasion into your salon clientele. That’s where my good expert analysis Comes in!

When you’re done with my training series, and D’Natural Beauty Boss  Blueprint workbook, you’ll know just how to appeal to your ideal customers, understand the four most important parts to our post to include in your business and marketing plan and be able to write really compelling post that converts, persuades and connects all by yourself!(Value$197)

You’re the woman.  

What the heck are you waiting for?

The step-by-step game plan is only for women who are super serious about building a thriving clientele in the braiding beauty business and rolling full-steam ahead to prepare or a 5-figure year in only 4 weeks tops!download (1)

I know what it takes to succeed online and of!

*I’ve got an ASS in Liberal Arts, Cosmetology Managers, Instructors, and School Managers License

I’ve spent 33k +years online and continuing education perfecting my skill,

And I enjoy a 5-figure income!

I see opportunities  everywhere I look. My experience shows that you can monetize our passion and turn it into profits!

Only$196.00 for the complete D’Natural Beauty Boss Blueprint!

You’re certainly ready for  D’Natural Beauty Boss Blueprint If……

*You know that what you are doing right now is not working.

*You have a passion to change the world in a really big way.

*You desire a Freedom Lifestyle and all the perks that come with it like being available for your kids when they need you or being able just pick up and travel when you want!

*You’re a go-getter who likes to take action.

*You are ready to invest in yourself and. You don’t set limits on your income or lifestyle.

*You know the value of guided, one-to-one coaching.

*You want to participate in your own SUCCESS and you don’t expect me to do all the hard work by myself.

Your Investment in D’Natural Beauty Boss Total Program package Investment $296.00 sale

I understand that everyone has diffrent needs. We all have responsibilities so I’ve created a payment plan option with each course is boken in to sections for you.

Course One- 30 hour Hair Braiders Registration$199

Course 1

Course Two-Business Plan$29

Course 2

Course Three-Social Media Marketing Plan$59

Course 3

Course Four-Booth Rental Leasing $39

Course 4

I spent $33,000 dollars in programs and courses, flaundering to get to where I am. Do you have that kind of patience, the kind of time, or that kind of money? I didn’t think so… We can launch you quickly, or you can keep trying to DIY to you insure it out yourself- it’s up  to you!

I’m only one woman and believe in giving myself fully. Spots will fill you quickly, and I can’t guarantee how long it will be until there’s room in my program or more clients. If you’re super serious about crushing the limits on your clients and bring in serious income, the time is now!
In D’Natural Beauty Boss Blueprint I’ll also include my Go-To- Expert Guide to help you hunt down the right experts to relieve some of he stress of launching your business so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

I’m selective about who I work with. You have to have a winner’s attitude and be willing to work on yourself! I only make a limited number of spots available or working with me each month, so go ahead, claim yours before someone who wants it more GRABS it first.

Claim your spot today so you can get access to the exclusive bonuses listed below:
D’Natural Beauty Boss Career 
If you’re honest with yourself you’ll agree that you haven’t bee meeting your potential. To be FREE, you need to get out the and claim it. If you want to stop putting limits on your income goals, STOP putting off your FREEDOM, and stop hiding in shadows dreaming about being active, visible, and bold this year, it’s your turn NOW!IMG_1308(1)

Here the steps are:

  1. Pay for the program/course on PayPal.

  2. Certificate of Completion for the Hair Braider Registration and passwords to the course will be emailed to you.

  3. Print certificate and apply for registration at  the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology Examiners as a Hair Braider and receive your registration in 15 day.Screenshot_2017-03-15-18-22-30 Learn the health, safety and sanitation procedures from D’Natural Beauty Boss Bluerint Work Book plus an EASY series of ten (10) 30 minute videos and ONLY a five (5) question survey.

    Open your salon TODAY!!

Here is what I will email you!    

All you will have to do is print and mail both the Completion Certificate and Hair Braiders Application papers to the Minnesota Cosmetologist Examiners with $20.00.

D’Natural Boss $296 Complete Program