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National Natural Hair Industry’s Agency

​I’m calling all Natural Hair Braiding individuals to orginize and make a National Hair Braiding Regulation agency to commodify NOW!

This is were the real money is.

To open a business you need a assumed name or fictious name. 

To be born you need a birth certificate REGULATION is never going away. 

The difference here is:


There was the Largest Natural Hair Conference in Paris this week. 

But did they discuss an industry alignment with multi-state regions and borders?

Open a shop, salon, barber shop or even a clothing line the real money comes from numbers and membership.

Lately, there has been increased emphasis on the negative aspects of cultural appropriation, especially for the black community (note the necessity of Katy Perry’s recent apology to the black community). But, the natural hair movement seems to be one cultural phenomenon that the black community can take full ownership of and ultimately commodify.”