Iowa’s Future of the Natural Hair Braiding Registration

Hey #SuperNaturals, The New York Times has reported that Cosmetology Schools in Iowa cost $21,000 and it’s the primary income for the schools. The article when on to claim that the students are worked as if their at a full-time job. The New York Times stated: “The second stream is the salon work the studentsContinue reading “Iowa’s Future of the Natural Hair Braiding Registration”

Politics Beauty & Barber Industry Day 2019 in Tennessee

Why Are We In Tennessee? “Licensed Beauty and Barber Professionals, WE must organize and be strategic in order to help protect our clients and strengthen our professional license. There are blatant attacks to deregulate our industry, lower our standards and put our clients in harms way. This can’t happen. WE must organize and fight back. Tamara Johnson-Shealey, Senior Advocate at Politics Beauty and Barbers Solidarity isContinue reading “Politics Beauty & Barber Industry Day 2019 in Tennessee”

Tennessee Natural Hair Braiding

Derailed Legislation Rep. Parkinson derailed hair-care legislation that would have changed the state’s laws dramatically for the industry. A Republican-sponsored bill would have removed licensing requirements for natural-hair-care stylists such as braiders, and it would have combined barber and cosmetology licenses, creating what Parkinson called “adverse” business and public health conditions. Numerous people in theContinue reading “Tennessee Natural Hair Braiding”

Pennsylvania Hair Braiding Requirements Under Governors Review

Pennsylvania Hair Braiding Requirements Hi, Calling all #SuperNaturals! Today I would like to address the article published on KYW News Radio 1060 by Justin Udo. The full article ask for the #NaturalHair communities input and to contact Pennsylvania Senator Anthony Williams by email with their thoughts on Natural Hair Braiding Registration License. Or Tweet yourContinue reading “Pennsylvania Hair Braiding Requirements Under Governors Review”