🤔Hairstyling vs Hair Braiding The REAL Jim Crow of Cosmetology

🤔Hairstyling vs Hair Braiding The REAL Jim Crow of Cosmetology 

I agree with 💯Magan Forbes with the deregulation of makeup only because of cosmetic care innovation into advanced skin procedures such as eyelash extensions, chemical peels, and botox injections💉💉 due to the adoption of the “simple hair devices’” allowing cosmetology the use of “needles.”

However, her inability to answer the question clearly to Representative Mason as to “the difference in 💆cosmetic care of the skin” and the personal application of makeup 💄as “professionalism?’

Hairstyling, on the other hand, has been deregulated as from Megan’s own testimony 💬informing but not answering the question. She began by “an example would be Hairbraiding carved out of Hairstyling” same thing as Makeup carved out of cosmetic care.”

I would beg to differ that Makeup would be carved out of 🚫esthetician ONLY!

⛑️Makeup that is FDA safe.

👩‍🎨Makeup airbrush machines compressors with maximum pressurization.

🦠Makeup 3-hour Infection Control annual certification.

Back to hair braiding vs hairstyling, as the Director of ecoHair Braiders Association, I am will to adopt the language of Hairstyling to assist and help ALL 👩‍🎨women and #MenToo👨‍🎨 to abolish the Structural Racism within the beauty industry of these newly formed professions as Hair Artist a more neutral term.

World Has Known Boosie #BadAss For His Natural Hair Fade and Now For This😂😂😂😂


As a loud talking man in this time of #MenToo 👀this is the BEST BOLD statement of natural hair care from men as hair braiding as barbers claiming their intellectual property I have seen in my life time.

Boosie Badazz is so serious about having his signature “Boosie Fade”™️ black men’s natural haircut trademarked.

He warns that if anyone in Hollywood is looking to use his signature black mens fade natural hair cut to make a bag💰💰 off the signature fade natural hair style, they better be prepared to🤑🤑 cough up a pretty penny.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Boosie Fade, the haircut involves the side of the scalp being shaven clean, but leaving a moderate length on top.

The style has certainly stirred up conversations as many fans and YouTubers across social media have posted Boosie Fade tutorials, and is also popular in barbershops across the country.

Boosie Badazz Wants to Trademark His “Boosie Fade” Haircut click here for the full article.


Oh, These promoters better stop playing with people’s 💰💰💰money😂😂😂😂😂😂💩!!

👱🏾‍♀️OO7 BLON’DE