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Completely Online Hair Braiding Course!

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30 hour Hair Braiding Registration

Eco Hair Institute offers a 30 hour safety and sanitation Hair Braider Registration course online. This online course will allow you to register with the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology Examiners as a Hair Braider.

This online course consist of No Chemicals!!

After attending this course you will have no student debt and you will be able to open your own business.

Workshop locations to be announced. Please check the site for further information regarding the hair braider registration workshop.

The Steps Are:

1) Pay for the course with PayPal.

2) Receive an email with your Password for the Natural Haircare Online Course I,II and III.

3)Training in the 30 hour professional hair braiders course and become affiliated with the skill.

4) Learn the safety and sanitation procedures.

5) Take a survey on what you learned. There is NO test!!!!

6) Receive an email with your Certificate of Completion for the Hair Braider Registration.

7) Apply for licensure at the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology Examiners as a Hair Braider.

8) Receive your registration in 15 days.

9) Start building your clients.

10) Open your salon!!

Fee for the online course: $400

100% Refundable!

EcoHair Institute & Associations

Owner: Denise Jarrett

Phone: (612)209-8952


Workshop Dates:

1) August 8 2015

2) September 9 2015

3) October 4 2015

4) November 1 2015

5) December 6 2015

6) January 3 2016

Please call or register online for the workshop.