Walker & Malone SELLS 1888

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Today we will be talking about Madame CJ Walker and Annie Malone two of America’s African American great pioneers. First off is Madame CJ Walker Miss Walker first begin her creation of her products in the year 1888. She found herself divorce with a daughter living in St. Louis Missouri we’re she begin more like an ambassador program for African American recently freed women. This ambassador / marketing program consisted of selling Mrs. Walker’s premium hair products. The women begin selling the products from state-to-state creating at what we would call today a multi-state membership of natural hairstylist. Madame Walker also went on to create several beauty salons, several beauty schools and a manufacturing warehouse for her products. While living in St Louis she became good friends with Annie Malone. Annie Malone manufactured and patented the pressing comb. This pressing comb is still used today. Many people believe Madame Walker invented the pressing comb. However it was Annie Malone who patent the pressing comb and has a first trademark for the pressing comb. These two women left a legacy today that many women are mimicing today. Madame Walker was the first woman on the stock market. She also owned a home on the Hudson River next to Rockefeller. Annie Malone is known for her children home in St.Louis Missouri she was a great philanthropist and too this day there is a parade the Annie Malone parade.

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